Concept Art By Bernard

Here is some work my a good friend of mine Bernard. I really like the the feeling in this sketch.

Concept Art By Kyle

Wow i just got back for the Ottawa International Animation Festival. As all ways it was a crazy fun time. Very inspirational!! i couldn't wait to get back to working on Zombie-Claus. I'm all done the script and it's being re-writ in by some friends of mine that actually know how to spell. so i can't wait to see that. I have cut a lot of stuff out. the one thing good about the 4 pulse bus ride there and back. I really thought so things out.

So here is some concept art that my friend did (Kyle Marshall)

Finding the look of HERMAN

Finding the look of SANTA


Nikon D80 is here.

After more then a month of waiting, my Nikon D80 is here. Here is some pic i took of just some random thing walking down queen street in Toronto



So i guess I'm going to start making this my production blog, for this stop mo short I'm doing. Right now me and Steve are working on the 1st draft of the script. I have a few friends working on the character designs. Sorry nothing to show yet, eveny thing is still being worked on. I have just been reading all i can about stop mo. I'm an classical/flash animator my self but have only done a bit of stop mo, but i love it. What i can show you is this.

I just ordered a Nikon D80. I got it from digicombos.com, The Nikon D80 DigiCombo #2

once i get this baby, I'll be able to show you all kinds of stuff. So welcome to my blog of me and my friends tying to make an ind stop motion film. It's about a boy named Herman on Christmas eve, how has to kill Zombie Santa to save Christmas.


The Land Lady

So here is a link to a Horror Short Film I directed. We made this film for the 101 Horror Competition. We had 101 hours(4 Days) to make a horror movie. Here is what we came up with..Enjoy!!!!!



Make up fx

So i have been really getting into make up fx. So i made a hand and foot out of latex..and here they are.



wow..i guess i'm going to start blogging now...i hope.